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  • PRO Service  in UAE

    PRO Service in UAE

    Our Public Relations Services have evolved from being simplistic to a more innovative function which is able to effectively use the two way communication (Process) between the organization and its concern public sectors.

    We give PRO services solutions in any sort of document clearing services. We offer an economical solution for all types of companies. The team is comprised of trained, professional and experienced Emiratis and they will deal government institutions on behalf of your company.

    The growth in public relations can be measured by the number of PR agencies operating in the region. The major growth has been in the last 10 years (see table below). Market value is more difficult to gauge with estimates ranging from US$ 500mn – 1bn, depending on what is included in the count: retainers, media monitoring fees, event management, print production, and so on.

    Our PR values
    • Advocacy
    • Clients’ Rights
    • Relationship Building
    Advantages of PRO services in UAE:
    • We guarantee you cost saving.
    • We save your time so you may concentrate on your business.
    • Renewal reminder service.
    • On Government initiatives, rules and regulations we will keep regular updates.
    • You will get detailed breakdown and receipts of all government charges and expenses.
    • Generate major savings on unnecessary payroll in terms of salaries, end of service benefits (gratuity), annual leave, airline tickets, medical allowances, car maintenance, fuel, mobile bills, and parking, to mention just a few.
    • Exemption of additional employee liabilities.
    High Profile & Reliable UAE National Local Partner

    The UAE Companies Law, a UAE national need to act as a “Local Sponsor” for a Limited Liability Company. To comply with the provision of UAE companies’ law, a UAE national need of act as a “Local Sponsor” for LLC.

    The local partner must hold majority equity holding of 51% or more where foreign equity in the company may not exceed 49%. The companies often worried about coming into the market and selecting a local partner.

    We will arrange you the reliable and multitasking individual who will assist the organization and will not be only a sleeping partner. It's very important to have a proper local sponsor to set up a company, so we want to create awareness for these entrepreneurs and educate foreigners to our country. We provide the channel of communication and networking to the officials because foreigners wouldn't know the mechanisms of talking to an official here. We are the bridge; we make the shortcut happen because we believe in the knowledge and solutions that they will bring to the table so we tweak it and present it in a local manner under a local establishment.

    PRO VISA Services

    The visitor who needs visa to enter UAE needs to clarify the purpose as UAE has many regulations on Visa and which also changes by time to time based to decision of concern government regulatory bodies. Being professional Free Bird always keeps its close eye on the visa norms to get updated with an objective to cater the clients.

    Visa also depends on nationality, like GCC nationals don’t need visa to enter Dubai and 33 countries get visa on arrival that is free of charge valid for 30 days. The new companies are finding it quite complex to apply employment visa complex and time consuming, where we are always ready to assist them.

    We are expert in all types of visa service as we are team of professionals, we are to consult and solve your problems so you may achieve your goals easily with in a very economical way and this makes us one of the top visa consultants in UAE.

    Here is some of our visa services explained:

    Maid Visa Service

    There are the parameters set by the government for maid visa issuance; it is allow bringing the maids from countries like Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

    The Cap
    • One should have UAE residency VISA to sponsor a maid
    • Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor maid
    • Head of the family’s salary should be above AED 5000/- in addition to housing
    • Sponsoring Full time house maid means the sponsor is ought to purchase the ticket in 2 years or annually for maid to her/his native country
    • Single mothers or wives whose husbands are not residing in UAE might be able to sponsor maid visa
    • AED 2000/- charged as security money would be refunded when the maid will leave UAE for native
    • Maids that are the same nationality as the sponsor need special approval from the DNRD in Dubai, and you will need a document from your embassy/consulate to prove that the maid is not related to you
    • More than one maid per family is possible but will depend on salary and size of family
    Our Services
    • Issuance of house maid visa
    • Renewal of house maid visa
    • Cancellation of house maid visa

    We will help you on each step by sharing your stress and we will handle the documents and contract on behalf of you.

    Family Visa

    Sponsor spouse or family for Dubai residence Visa, below is the article of khaleej times on July 10, 2017 “Your monthly salary should be Dh 4,000, or Dh 3,000 plus accommodation, in order for you to be eligible to sponsor your wife and children. A sizeable chunk of the working population in the UAE lives away from their family. Most of them come to the country leaving behind their parents, and some even have to leave their wives and children behind.

    Sponsoring the immediate family to the UAE is a relatively inexpensive affair.

    Your monthly salary should be Dh 4,000, or Dh 3,000 plus accommodation, in order for you to be eligible to sponsor your wife and children. If you are sponsoring your parents, your salary should be Dh20,000.

    If they are outside the UAE, you should first apply for an entry residence visa, and once they arrive, you have 30 days to apply for the residence stamp.

    Documents required include the typed application form, salary certificate, labour card, labour contract, attested marriage certificate, attested birth certificate of children, bank statement of three months, attested tenancy contract and Emirates ID.

    The marriage certificate -- in case the marriage has taken place in your home country -- should be attested there by the relevant ministry, and finally stamped by the UAE embassy/consulate in that country. Then, it needs to be cross-attested by the relevant ministry in the UAE.

    An important point to note is that for the family member's residence visa to remain valid, he/she should not be out of UAE for more than six months at a stretch.”

    Documents for processing Family Residence Visa

    • Make sure to have all Original documents available with you when you visit any of the authorized typing centers in UAE. Applications will be rejected if any original documents are not available for verification. Documents are verified and scanned into the system, so make sure all Original documents are available.
    • Color Passport copies of family members (Wife & Children)
    • Passport size photograph WHITE background for each family member. (Keep around 15 copies always. You never know!)
    • Sponsor’s Original Passport.
    • Sponsor Original Emirates ID Card.
    • Original Attested Marriage Certificate from Issuing Authority, UAE Embassy from Sponsor’s country & from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.
    • You can get the Original Marriage certificate attested from many processing centers like BLS International and others. It may take anywhere between 30 to 45 days, so make sure you do it at the earliest. The sooner the better.
    • Original Attested Birth Certificate from Issuing Authority, UAE Embassy from Sponsor’s country & from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. You can get the certificate attested from BLS International and others.
    • Original EJARI Certificate along with Last Paid Electricity Bill. (If sponsor is living other state than Dubai, he will require attested tenancy contract and paid electricity bill. Tenancy or EJARI should be on applicant or spouse name.)
    • Original MOL Contract with a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or a minimum salary of AED 3,000 AED + Accommodation is required. (Original MOL Contract can be printed from any TASHEEL Center; you will have to pay print charges that worth AED 53. No attestation is required; Passport copy is must for printing MOL Contract. If you provide the contract number, they will print it for you.)
    • For Government, Semi Government or Free Zone Employees Original Salary Certificate is must.
    • IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the sponsor.
    • Last 3 months Bank Account Statement with Original Stamp and Signature.
    • For daughters older than 18 years, a confirmation letter in Arabic stating that she is unmarried along with father’s signature.