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Offshore Company Incorporation

  • Offshore Company Incorporation

    Offshore Company Incorporation

    Offshore companies or international business company (IBC) or Non- resident company are described as companies that conduct an insubstantial or zero volume of business within their jurisdiction of incorporation. The International Business Company (IBC) registry allows foreign investors to register offshore companies under any Offshore authority, work over there as a division of Investment authority without the need to establish a physical presence in that country. An offshore company has a restriction to do business inside the country where it is formed. This is also work as a virtual company; you can open bank account and operate international business.

    Common Advantages of offshore company incorporation in UAE

    • 100% tax/customs duty free
    • 100% ownership with no UAE national involvement
    • Full repatriation of profits and investments
    • Extreme Confidentiality
    • Suitable for any kind of international business
    • No office space requirement
    • Liberal bank account opening and maintaining
    • Multi currency banking
    • Quick incorporation – 2 to 3 working days
    • Can act as an intermediary in any transactions between local and foreign company
    • Investment Diversification