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JAFZA Offshore company incorporationration

  • Offshore Company Incorporation  in Jebel Ali

    JAFZA Offshore company incorporation

    Jebel Ali offshore company formation is giving the same advantages as it is given by Ajman and RAK. The authority is Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority which manage the in house regulatory and resolution. Free Bird help the investors on setting their footings at JAFZ, where the category of business segment mostly existing are

    • Investments
    • Trading
    • International/ Professional Services
    • Consultancy
    • Holding Company
    • Shipping/ Ship Management
    • Property ownership
    • Copyright or Patent

    Depending on number of share holders involved and nature of business three different types of businesses can be set up

    • A single shareholder company
    • Multiple shareholder company
    • Subsidiary company
    Jafza offshore company setup exclusive advantages
    • Easy Conduct banking, insurance, accounting, legal matters, feasibility studies as assistance is available
    • JAFZA registered offshore business can open bank account easily in Dubai
    • JAFZA is popular global business hub it accumulates by adding reputation and more business to the venture
    • An offshore company owner at JAFZA can own property on individual name