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Dubai Flower Center

  • Dubai Flower Center

    This free zone is floriculture paradise of 21st century, located at international airport in Dubai. The quick access of perishables to the destined markets with an appropriate supply chain management makes this center the benchmark across the world.

    This free zone was completed in 2004 at the cost of approximately $ 50 million to do the supply across the corners of the world with help of its contemporary resources and supply through air routes. Dubai Flower Center is able to produce 150,000 tons of perishables with the floor area of 100,000 sq. meters inclusive of buildup stations and automated sorting areas. It has the handling capacity of 300,000 metric tons of perishable products throughout the years and the cold storage is 34,000 sq. meter with 19 tenants from 11 countries with wide range verities of perishables like fruits, plants, vegetables and cut flowers.

    Special Features
    • Rapid Consolidation and Trans-shipment
    • Increased Capacity
    • Access to major global trading junctions
    • World’s best Supply chain management with cooling system
    • Advance resources and facilities
    • Investors can easily set their footing to establish the perishables business
    • Special concern in export on swift clearing and forwarding to deliver the product as farm fresh