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Dubai International Financial Center

  • Dubai International Financial Center

    DIFC main aim is to build the stature same as New York, Hong Kong and London and fills the gap of these three financial hubs covering from east to west of the globe with help of suitable time zone, from the year it was founded in September 2004 it attracted global and regional firms and DIFX (Dubai International Financial Exchange) is part of DIFC since 2005 which is also known as later in 2008 as NASDAQ Dubai.

    DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority) is the body that grants licenses and conduct regulatory affairs as per international standards at DIFC.

    Financial Activities
    • Banking Services (Investment, Corporate & Private)
    • Brokerage & Capital Markets
    • Asset Management and Fund Registration
    • Insurance and Reinsurance
    • Islamic Finance & Professional Service Providers
    • Global Finance Exchange
    • International regulation and judiciary
    • Common law frame work
    • Tax Friendly Regime
    • Large cosmopolitan Business Community
    • 100% ownership with no Local Partner
    • Retail outlets, cafés, restaurants, residential space, public green spaces, hotels and art galleries
    • 50-year guarantee of zero taxes on corporate income and profits

    Here approximately 40% of the regulated firms coming from different parts of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region; 42% from across Europe; and 18% from the US and rest of the world.