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Techno Park

  • Techno Park

    The aim of the Techno Park Dubai is to research and develop the latest technologies with giving an exposure to scholars. Techno Park is an exceptional place where direct investment is allowed for manufacturing, research and development. This park started the business but it is still under construction.

    • 30% of 21 million sq. meter of area is open
    • Bringing most advance organization in the world to single platform
    • Emerging new technologies
    • Commercial development of technology
    • Full range administrative services
    • Advance communication networks
    • Modern facilities for opening industries
    • No custom on export from this zone
    Business Licenses
    • The Trading License
    • The Industrial License
    • The Professional License
    Types of companies for Techno Park
    • Limited Liability Companies
    • Sole Establishments
    • Civil Companies
    • Branch Offices