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  • Dubai Maritime City

    Dubai Maritime city is a maritime complex on a manmade peninsula located between Port Rashid and Dubai Dry Docks. At DMC there are national, regional and international operating in management, product marketing, research, education, renovation and design of ship.

    When it is talked about the campus it is located at the core of this free zone where Ocean Science and engineering programs are going on with capability of intake of 1300 students facilitated with 500 rooms and huge 2 storey library. The Marina district and harbor residence has retail outlets, entertainment facilities and high residential towers aimed to facilitate investor class.

    Nearly 5000 regional maritime companies are operating in Dubai and their services can be classified as ship classification, safety standard verification, onshore and offshore ship catering and supply services can operate as separate entities but in close proximity to their prime avenues of business. DMC is a prime property for marine management services ranging from cargo, vessel and life insurance agencies to legal businesses, specializing in consultation, legal advice and marine domain lawyers. The modern set of facilities are including offices, warehouses, showrooms, exhibition halls, dry docks, a museum and a marine academy with an oceanographic research centre, among other things.